Get Yellow Fever and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan

You may be wondering why certificates needed for Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan?

You are not alone who is thinking about it! Wait please! The answer will shock you!

Nothing is shocking. Just joking so don’t take my word seriously!Yellow Fever Vaccination in Pakistan

First of all, you should know that Vaccination requirements vary country to country.

  • Polio Vaccination/Certificate
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination/Certificate
  • Malaria Vaccination/Certificate

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Yellow Fever and Polio Vaccination Requirements for Travellers over the World

The countries established Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements (See Countries List). It is carried out for two different purposes:

  1. To prevent the international spread of the disease. And to protect countries from the risk of importing or spreading the yellow fever virus.
  2. To protect individual travellers who may be exposed to yellow fever infection.


Furthermore, the country recommends vaccination for travellers for travellers. She also suggests details concerning the malaria situation and other vaccination requirements for travellers.


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Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan

As many of you know, some countries like Gulf countries require you to have a complete medical checkup. They also need medical certificates from their certified medical labs in Pakistan.

While some countries require you to must have Yellow Fever/Polio Vaccination certificates to apply for the Visa.

So medical requirements vary country to country!

So please ask your consultant or from the Embassy directly! You should know what are the mandatory medical requirements to apply for that country Visa.

Country Embassies (you are going for) even will not accept your documents.

As a result, they will not process your Visa.

And if you get Visa by chance but don’t have Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination certificates, you will be stopped at Airport. Therefore, Airport Staff will not allow you to go to abroad.

Anyhow, come to the point!

 Here is how to get Yellow Fever and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan;

How to get certificate for Polio Vaccination in Pakistan

Polio Vaccination in Pakistan

  • You can get Polio Vaccination from any Govt. Hospital even from Medical labs.
  • You will receive the Vaccination Certificate on the spot which is valid for 180 Days (6 months).
  • You can also get Vaccination/Certificate on the Airport Health Office even on the day of travelling.
  • In Lahore, you can Polio Vaccination only at two points. One is Allama Iqbal International Airport and second is Services Hospital Jail Road.
  • You must have one photocopy of Passport.
  • You must also have Original Passport when appearing to the medical officer.

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How to get certificate for Yellow Fever Vaccination in Pakistan

  • You can get Yellow Fever Vaccination from the International Airports, listed Govt. Hospitals even from some approved Medical labs.
  • You get Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate on the spot which is valid for 10 Years.
  • Apart from International Airports in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, You can get Yellow Fever Vaccination from PolyClinic Hospital.
  • For Lahore residents:
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination/Certificate is only given at Airport Health Center and Public Health Institute.
    • Airport Health Office has limited number of vaccination (5 persons per day). So inform them prior before going to Allama Iqbal International Airport.
    • Mr Amin (0333-4106304) does vaccination at Airport Health Office (Allama Iqbal Internation Airport)
    • Mr Akram (0300-4723399) does vaccination at Public Health Institute (Wood  Road, Lahore)
    • Airport Health Office timing is 9 am to 1 pm from Monday to Friday.
    • Make sure you have photocopies as well as original National ID Card and Passport.
    • 2 Passport size pictures

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Precautions before taking Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination

Although Vaccination does not harm you at all, as a precaution you should consult with your doctor if

  • You have blood pressure or heart disease etc.
  • Women having Pregnancy


Cost for Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination

Both Vaccinations in Pakistan are free of cost. But Medical Staff at Airport Health Office may charge you 500 PKR as a fee.

As told earlier, call them prior going to the airport. The reason is that they have limited Yellow Fever vaccination stock which they do free (5 number vaccination per day).

In case you are late, or vaccination stock is over then you have to buy Yellow Fever Vaccination in around 2000 PKR from any reputed pharmacy (e.g. Fazal Din Pharma Plus, Mall Road in Lahore).

Final Thoughts on Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan

I got Polio Vaccination and Certificate (on the spot) free of cost from Services Hospital, Lahore.

I got Yellow Fever Vaccination/Certificate from Health Center at Allama International Airport, Lahore. Although Vaccination is free, I paid 500 PKR as a fee to medical staff. I didn’t receive the receipt due to which I am still doubtful either it’s official the fee or not.

Anyhow, in conclusion, I faced no difficulty when applying for the Nigerian Visa.

Hope, I covered the topic of getting Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan in details.

Hence it’s your turn now! 😀

Let me know via comments if you need further information about getting Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination in Pakistan.

  • Abubaker Qazi

    Mr thanks for your valid information . Please tell me about islamabad . Where i can get yellow fever vaccination ..

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