Sam broadcaster setting – Online radio part-2

Making a free Online Radio Station using SAM Broadcaster

Sam Broadcaster - Online Radio

Previously I published a post on making free online radio station in which I discussed Auto DJ, radio stream hosting, embed web player and last thing is Sam broadcaster settings. Online Radio is becoming more popular as compared to usual FM/AM radio as it is cheap, easy to install, maintenance. Moreover, Frequency radio stations are also being broadcasted through web player now a days. Before we go into details of Sam broadcaster settings, briefly we will list the things required.

See what things requried for setting up Online Radio station

Let me remind you what things required you have to do for setting up online radio station:

  • Stream Hosting
  • Broadcasting software
  • * Auto DJ
  • * Embed into a web player.

Remember that Auto DJ and web player are one of first preference (not so important) for online radio setting. Anyhow, without further delay, let us discuss settings of Sam Broadcaster needed for making online radio. First of all you must have installed Sam Broadcaster of 4+ version, if you don’t have then first Download it and after installing it, open this software.

A window will appear similar as shown below. If it doesn’t appear, you can adjust these windows i.e. Queue, History, Encoders, Voice FX etc from Windows Menu in the Sam Broadcaster software.

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Steps to change Sam Broadcaster setting

  1. In Encoders Window, click plus sign to add new encoder setting, a window appear as show below.
  2. In Format option of Converter sub-menu, you can adjust audio format, bit-rate, frequency and channel of your own choice, for example: mp3PRO, 64 kb/s, 44.1 kHz, Stereo.
  3. And the most important setting of encoder is of Server Details in Sam Broadcaster, it supports Shoutcast, Live365 and Icecast type servers. We used Shoutcast Server type.
  4. Then put Server IP, Server Port, Server password which you got from My Radio Stream website, for example, 4140.
  5. Station Details are optional.
  6. Press OK and the encoder setting is finished.
Encoder settings of Sam Broadcaster

Audio files settings in Sam Broadcaster

  • Add Audio files using Queue window, you can also add a playlist of audio files, double click will play the file you click.
  • In Voice FX window in Sam Broadcaster, you can adjust the volume of music as well as voice. Or simply turn ON mic and press Local talk button whenever you want to speak, it will automatically lowers music volume while raises your voice as well.
  • History window stores a list of audio files that are played.
  • Some external windows may appear in Sam Broadcaster named as Deck A, Deck B. Deck A is for current playing music file while Deck B waits to play next one and vice versa.
Sam Broadcaster Settings - Online Radio
Note: You may have to purchase Sam Broadcaster full version to use all its functions.

Final thoughts on making Online Radio using Sam Broadcaster

Finally, detailed post for making your own free online radio using Sam broadcaster setting is finished. I hope you understand it and now you are able to make your own free internet radio (web radio). Remember that this is the 2nd post on How to make free online radio station. Freely ask me any questions if you face any difficulty to set up your internet radio.

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