8 Powerful SEO Techniques You Need To Know (Boost Traffic)

Today I am going to share with you some latest and powerful SEO techniques that helped me to increase 92% monthly users. These Powerful SEO Techniques also enabled me to boost organic traffic to 82% for one of my blog.

Isn’t is it amazing?Powerful SEO Techniques - Boost Traffic, Rank Blog

I believe these Powerful SEO techniques will also work for your if you follow it.

So stay with us!

But before jumping to Powerful SEO Techniques, you must ask these 3 simple questions to yourself;

  1. Why do you do blogging?
  2. Can you write high quality blog content?
  3. What are your targets you want to achieve with your blog?

I am just asking these questions to increase your motivation towards blogging.

8 Simple but Powerful SEO Techniques

Below are the 8 Powerful SEO Techniques (in Questionable Form) we will discuss in this post;

  1. Why Creating High Quality Content is number 1 ranking factor?
  2. How to Optimize Blog with On Page SEO?
  3. Why Internal Linking in blog posts is necessary?
  4. How Optimizing Landing Pages can help you increasing conversion rate?
  5. Are Social Book Marking websites really helpful to build quality backlinks?
  6. Is Commenting on other relevant Blogs still useful?
  7. Why should you frequently update the blog old posts?
  8. Why should you join and follow Online communities?

Many bloggers get confused on how and where to start optimizing their blogs. How they can get higher search engines ranking and boost blog traffic?

Are you also confused?

Don’t worry; SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a rocket science! SEO is a fun when you start getting into it!

At this point, I would like to say;

You will miss 100% those shots that you don’t try!

So you get the first Pro SEO tip!

Start playing with On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO even on your newly born blog!

Guess what?

One day you will be Pro Blogger!

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I know you are getting hungry to know the Powerful SEO Techniques recipe!

So shouldn’t I list these Powerful SEO Techniques without further delay I was talking about?

Here we go!


1. Create High Quality Content (Pro Blogger Evergreen SEO Tip)

A very simple but powerful SEO technique that many bloggers know but only a few follow it.

Really it’s sad truth!

Every Pro Blogger recommends on focusing to create High Quality and Unique content on regular basis. You blog will be automatically ranked higher one day for sure!

Focus on the topics you like to write and you love to share!

Newbie Bloggers may find my wording a little bit harsh but I must say;

If you are not able to write unique and high quality content, I will suggest you to change your mind from blogging to some other ways.

Seriously, there are many other ways to earn money online!

Internet is full of opportunities for those who are passionate to seek!


Evergreen SEO Technique 2016:

Don’t focus on making money online unless your blog started getting 1000 visitors per month!

Well many other SEO Experts say, “In case you get AdSense approval somehow, but still it’s useless to online earn a handsome amount without quality traffic!”

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2. On Page SEO Optimization (Powerful SEO Technique)

There are so many ways for On-Page SEO Optimization but I cannot list all of them here!

I must say, use SEO Optimized and Responsive Blog theme (WordPress/Blogger) to get better results. And the funny thing is you don’t even need to bother about On-Page SEO!

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I know you are curious to know how SEO Optimized and Responsive theme will work?

Here is how;

  • Responsive theme will be user-friendly for Desktop, Mobile and Tab Users by default.
  • Responsive theme will also have no issue to be browsed by any web browser.
  • SEO Optimized theme will have recommended SEO settings like powerful gadgets/plugins and H1/H2/H3 heading adjustments etc.
  • The theme will be ready for advertisement (Google AdSense)!

The best part; you and search engines will also love your Optimized theme.

Powerful SEO Technique 2016:

If you are serious in blogging, use paid SEO Optimized theme! It will surely pay off to you later!

Seriously it’s not a joke!


3. Internal Linking within blog posts (Golden SEO Technique)

Make Internal Linking within blog posts as your habit!

Then see the magic (boosting blog traffic) even within days!

When your new post is indexed by Google, old linked posts will also get indexed (renewed/refreshed) automatically.

Above all it will also increase sessions per user.

Pro Bonus SEO Technique:

Add 3-5 links of old published blog posts with proper anchor text while writing new posts.

4. Optimize Landing Pages (Boost Conversion Rate)

First of all, use Google Analytics to find Landing pages then try to optimize those pages!

Pro SEO Technique 2016:

Affiliate Marketers Optimize their Landing Pages to increase Conversion rate!

I hope you are well familiar with Landing page and Conversion rate.

If not, then Google it please. 😀

Blogger Help Guide: How to Add Customize Blockquote

5. Social Book Marking Websites (Favorite SEO Tip 2016)

This SEO trick helped me to boost blog traffic by using social book marking websites.

There several social book marking websites existing over internet.

Find your favorite one and Master it!


Recommended and Powerful SEO Technique:

I use PinInterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and ScoopIT etc. In fact, PinInterest is at number 3 as one of biggest source of traffic for one of my blog.


6. Commenting on Relevant/Niche Blogs

Do informative / quality comments on relevant/Niche Blogs which allow do follow links. You can Google to find such blogs.

Make sure the blog has good PA/DA.

It will help you not only getting traffic but also building quality backlinks.

Pro SEO Tip:

Quality comments will also increase your online credibility! In the same way, spam comments can destroy your credibility!


Remember I am saying to do quality comments which add value to the post content and which is useful to blog visitors.

Avoid “Awesome post”, “thanks for sharing”, “thanks” and also “check my ABC Blog” type comments etc.

Either blog owner will block you or Google will list you a spammer if you do spamming.

7. Update Old Posts (Powerful SEO Technique for Beginners)

Google and other Search Engines love a blog if it’s being updated regularly.

I just updated 2 years blog posts (no new post) and guess what?

It helped me to increase organic traffic to 81% in just 2 weeks!

You can call it magic!

Pro SEO Tip:

Try to update old Blog posts at least once in an year and also re-share them on social media.

Another gread guide: How to Show Custom Author Profile in Blogger

8. Join Online Communities (Bonus Powerful SEO Technique)

Join online communities and help people solving their problems. At the end of your comment, you can put your blog URL as reference.

Even Many Pro Bloggers use regularly relevant Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities and many other online communities to increase their blog traffic plus high-ranking!

Pro SEO Tip:

Quora is becoming popular these days, so don’t miss to try it! In fact, Quora is one of the best platform.

Final Thoughts: Powerful SEO Techniques

No final thoughts on the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. These SEO Techniques are going to be changed every year, even every month!

So need of the hour is to equip your blog as per latest SEO and Blogging terminologies being introduced.

In 21st Century, you are successful if you are updated with Latest and Powerful SEO Techniques!

For Beginners:

Try all of above mentioned powerful SEO Techniques one by one. These techniques will enable you to get higher search engines ranking and boosting blog traffic.

Still if you have any question, do let me know in comments.

For SEO Experts:

Dear seniors please tell me if you like to add any other powerful SEO Techniques, you are using to increase blog traffic!

See you in comments! Good luck to your blog!

Powerful SEO Techniques - Boost Traffic, Rank Blog
8 Powerful SEO Techniques You Need To Know (Boost Traffic)
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