How to increase Motivation and Productivity

To increase motivation and productivity post is meant for you if you are tired of your boring routines. I am going to share 5 things that I also personally use to increase motivation and productivity at work. I suggest you to read this post before giving up on your startup that I am 100% sure that you will not. So complete reading the post and have a blessed life.

How to Increase Motivation and Productivity

Why people need to increase motivation and productivity?

Usually people want immediate results on their newly born startup or on their fresh jobs but actually success does not come over night. It takes time to get desired and extra-ordinary results and it demands a strong vision, a great strategy and a firm plan of action. Above all, you must have to set small milestones and you should celebrate after achieving these goals to keep yourself motivated.


If you have set 10 weeks for your new startup, then you should more than 50% time on drafting a strong plan of action. You must list all of your monthly goals then divide them into weekly and daily goals. It will surely help you to increase motivation and your productivity at work.

You should change your strategy to achieve your goals but you shouldn’t give up targets.

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5 things to increase Motivation and Productivity

Here are the 5 things to do to increase motivation and boost your productivity at work.

1. Take a shower to keep yourself refreshed

It may be funny for many of you but believe it really works when you are stressed, when you are running out of new ideas.

TIP: Either it’s summer or winter one must take a shower in morning to refresh himself for the whole day!

There are many popular funny and motivational quotes on this.

Killer ideas come while taking a shower!  😆


2. Go to your bed and forget all your worries

Let me tell you a true amazing story! Mr. Azeem, one of my university fellow, surprised me by telling that he does only three things in 24 hours i.e. eats good food, have good asleep and study his engineering course books. He is very talented and secured 3.7+ CGPA in engineering. So Isn’t sleeping is interesting?

Go back to sleep if you woke up without a goal!

3. Refresh your happy moments with your Diary or Photo Albums

Don’t you agree? Here I challenge you, start reading your diary or go through old photo albums taken with your special loved ones. All you worries will be vanish and you will come out from stressful condition in no time for sure. This is proven trick to keep yourself happy. So Keep saving your happy moments in diary and camera for next time.

4. Get together with your fellows once in a month

Don’t forget to meet your sincere friends you made in school, college or university days. Often plan your trips to share your problems openly with them. Apart from this, you can ask them to share new ideas and feedback on your ongoing projects. Pickup the positive tings in the meetup and leave others!

Friends show their love and support in trouble not in happiness!

5. Keep saying prayers regularly if you are Muslim

Last but not least, if you are Muslim this must on your first priority. Prayers 5 times a day is not only compulsory for the Muslims but it also will get you closer to Allah Almighty and HE surely helps you in achieving your targets. Muslims feel refreshed and get motivated after each prayer.

Indeed hearts’ comfort lies in the remembrance of Allah Almighty!


Final thoughts on increase motivation and productivity

In this post, I shared my personal experiences that work for me. However, let me know your tips on how increase motivation and productivity at work! I will be waiting your thoughts on this. Keep visiting The Best Findings Blog for motivational stuff.

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How to Increase Motivation and Productivity
How to increase Motivation and Productivity

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