How to make a free Online Radio Station

Online Radio Station

Complete guide to set up a free Online Radio Station

The world has become global village due to internet and wonderful advancements in technology. Online radio has attracted the radio lovers to itself in very short time. As compared to physical Frequency Radio (FM/AM) that is expensive to setup, lots of staff and money required etc. While online radio is easy to install, simple skills needed to use and it is also very cheap even free for beginners. Today in this set by step by simple guide and tutorial you are going to learn how to make your own online radio station.
So here we go! This detailed guide consists of two parts:

Things required to make free online radio station

  1. Radio Stream Hosting
  2. * Web-player
  3. Broadcasting software
  4. * Auto DJ
Online radio working


Auto DJ – Online Radio Station

* Auto DJ is an optional thing for setting up online radio and it means you upload your music files on auto-DJ website, the website provides you a playlist-code of the uploaded files and website may charge some money also. But RJ or DJ (Disk Jokey, Radio Jokey) can also manage songs manually using a software like Sam Broadcaster and with the help of Mic, headphone and a PC having some songs.

Without wasting any time, we move to further details of steps required to set up internet radio station (also known as web radio).
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Stream Hosting for Free Online Radio Station

Online radio stream hosting is almost the same thing as website hosting. Stream hosting means your audio e.g. music files are first uploaded to a stream hosting servers i.e. shoutcast servers then audio files are transmitted through web player.
There are many companies in the race providing radio stream hosting.
  1. MyRadioStream
  3. Listen2myradio
  4. Wavestreaming

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss My Radio Stream only as it is free radio streaming plus it also provides a link to listen you streamed data. So first of all, go to this website and sign up for free. After making account on my radio stream, you will see a settings on a web page like this:

Setting of My Radio Stream
Here is the screenshot of my radio stream website. You just need to note three things in stream settings needed for broadcasting software like Sam Broadcaster.
  • Stream Password
  • Stream Address
    • for example address as in picture is
  • And finally Port number
    • e.g. 4140 is port number as show in screen-short.

In free service of my radio stream, you are restricted to 192 kbps streaming speed and you have to start radio streaming manually when you want to broadcast through Sam Broadcaster.

Web Player needed for using Internet Radio Station

* Web player is actually an interface through listeners can tune-in your online radio via web or this file can also be downloaded as MyRadio.pls or similar file to tune-in the radio from VLC, WinAmp like software. Most of all it also provides a free optional service with my radio stream a dedicated link for listening your radio.
There are my websites providing direct radio tune-in services but I use Wavestreaming service. You can enjoy its free direct tune-in service in a java-code form by providing:
  • Stream address
  • Port number

It also facilitates you different skins of online radio interface. This java code can inserted anywhere in the web to direct tune-in your internet radio station. Part-2 of making online radio will be published soon. Meanwhile tell me in comments section if you have any question!

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