About me, Zohaib Jahan

At Niaz Chowk Lahore, 2016

It means you very curious to know about me as you landed on this page. First I would like say l love my audience because they love me. I want to help them via The Best Findings Blogging platform in a best possible way whenever needed. I enjoy sharing the helping material what I learn either offline or online!
I believe you will enjoying reading about me. And you will fall in love with me after reading facts about me. Seriously I’m joking friends!  🙂
So are you ready to read amazing story of The Best Findings blog? OK then stay with me I am going to explain in details about mission, future goals, reasons behind building The Best Findings Blog.

Facts About Me, Engineer Zohaib Jahan

My name is Zohaib Jahan and belong a middle class family. My forefathers are farmers and my father is plumber. Alhamdulillah, I am a graduate Electronics Engineer. Currently I live in Lahore, the second biggest city of Pakistan.
I am the first engineer in my relatives even first graduate!
I am doing full-time job as Automation Engineer in an Oil & Gas service provider company since 2014. Apart from this job, I love to share my learning and professional experiences on The Best Findings blog.
Engineer Zohaib Jahan at SPEC office

At Company Office, 2016

Motive behind building The Best Findings Blog

I am fond of exploring informative blogs. I visit my favorite blogs several times in a week. I Google for every problem I find either it is related to Blogging or assignments during my Electronics Engineering at UET Taxila.
Once I get the solution of the problem, I happily share it with my University friends. You know what I love to share of whatever I learn!
That’s the main motive behind setting up The Best Findings.

Hobbies of Engineer Zohaib Jahan

Above all I love playing football, badminton and cards. Would you like to challenge in badminton? Please don’t! I don’t want to make you upset if you lose.  😆

Mission of The Best Findings

As I told earlier I love searching solutions of problems. My favorite search terms include top 10, Windows Help, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Earning tips and tricks!

My mission is share great content to enable to learn to lead pro blogging!

Target set for The Best Findings Blog

To become Pro Blogger within one year launch of the Best Findings!

To know more About Me

Contact via contact me page or follow me on social media fan pages to know more about me.

Any Suggestion or Recommendation for The Best Findings Blog

I would highly appreciate if you have suggestion or recommendation to improve this blog in any term. Do let me know your precious opinion please!